Girls waiting to rehearse

Mom and Jim

Two proud Mommas

Jennifer and Shay

View from the Arch

Nice work Jackie!!!

Down the isle

View from above

Mom and Bride

Dry Run :)

Debbie and Faith

Taking a peak


I'm a lucky man

Here comes the bride

At the Alter

With this ring, I thee wed

My favorite part :)

Wedding party

Jim and Andy, the best man

The Roe Family

The Wallace Family

Maggie and her Brothers

The Turner Family

The Wieckoski Family

The Bride and her Maids

Maggie Jim and Aunt Bee Bee

Dad welcoming everyone

First Dance

WE can boogie

Father Daughter

Mother son

Family Dance

Everyone saying Hello

The lights went down and the Dead got turned up...time to dance!

Jennifer Roe

Leaving for the Bed and Breakfast