Sting Rays in Grand Caymen

Scooters in Cozumel, MX

Aztec Ruins in Baha

Positanio, Italy- one of the most beautiful places on earth

Cruising the Ocean at Night

Cruising the Ocean by day

Rainy Honduras

Fish and Chips in Dublin, Ireland

Nothing beats a fresh Guiness at top the brewery in Dublin

New Grange in Ireland..Pre Christian Temple

Rock of Cashel

Goblin Valley, UT

Bridal Vail Falls, UT

Maggie at Sundance

Mass at Saint Patrick's in NYC

Maggie with a member of the BLueman group on Broadway, NYC

Ground Zero, NYC

In front of a beautiful Savannah Fountain

Hanging out in Charlotte

War Eagle...nuff said :)

Never thought I would have a former Rockledge cheerleader from FSU in the Auburn locker room

And I bet she never through she would take a formar Auburn football player to the Gamma Phi Beta house!

Go Noles!!!

Valentines on the French Broad River...Asheville , Nc

My liitle Donnathebuffal odeadhead :)

Our first weekend..Tallul ah Gorge

Go Braves